Thursday, February 21, 2013

La Valle della Caffarella

I love Rome. I really do. But I've spent nearly mumble mumble years living in the country. Country Proper as in a traffic jam is getting stuck behind a tractor and you can tell the season based on which pasture the cows are grazing. So imagine my absolute delight when a lovely new friend took me to a park off the Appia Antica. Not a beautifully manicured picturesque Villa Borghese park, but a hope-you-don't-get-ticks-park. People were tending to their gardens and the earth was so dark and rich and hopeful ; I just wanted grab a hoe and get to work. The sheep meandered with nary a fence in sight, bamboo was growing wherever it could, the streams were clear and babbling. The country girl in my blood was positively singing. You could hear only birds, the air smelled like grass and was impossible to believe that  that city of Rome was in full swing just ten minutes away.

and meanwhile, in other parts of Rome:

if we can relocate the pair of pants from the bench and find another shoe, we are well on our way to making an entire outfit ! Stay tuned!


  1. So those gorgeous Italian women sometimes do have boot trouble. Yes!

    Beautiful photos btw!

  2. those sheep look like they all needed hugs!