Sunday, February 17, 2013

it's election time up in here

In America, we are partial to supporting political candidates by putting signs in our yard. And along the highway. And pretty much any place there is a spot of soil in which a sign can be shoved. I haven't read any statistical evidence, but my guess is that these signs are more to annoy neighbors and passing motorists than anything else. Was an election ever won or lost based on the amount of signs one had? Does anyone even read these signs?

 I simply can't recall a conversation in which SueBob and I were having coffee and she said, "I have been following the debates and have a chart in my kitchen listing where each candidate stands on the 'issues'. I thought I weighed all of the information and made a decision based on these facts, but then I saw that Cookie Jo had 10 more signs per yard than Big Bird. So I am totally switching my vote."


In Italy, or at least in Rome, they are a bit more hard-core. Rome is a very green city , but rather than stick some measly signs in the grass, Rome COMMITS. They jackhammer some holes in the sidewalks and jam in towering metal billboards to display their candidate love.

 Joggers, bikers, dog walkers, families with strollers..everyone does their best to dodge these metal monstrosities, but they are the teensiset bit of an huge pain in the ass inconvenience. And an eyesore.

Finally it was Showtime.<insert jazz hands> 

People appeared, slapped on what seemed to be wallpaper paste, popped on some campaign posters and called it a day.

Now, when one political candidate puts up their slogan in the middle of the sidewalk, what do you think all the other people with their student council posters are going to do?  

In America, the retaliation lawn signs of the opposing political party would probably start sprouting up like rabbits or dandelions (I'm a country girl). Or some well-intentioned teenagers would spend an evening or two driving around and driving through people's yards or on highway medians and mowing down signs. Just good 'ol fashioned, harmless fun.

In Rome, however, the sidewalk only has so many places a hole can be drilled. So more signs are plastered on top of the old signs are plastered on top of the new signs and so on and so on and so on (I think that was a shampoo commercial). And it's winter, which means it's the rainy season. And there is a surprising amount of wind as well. And now our previously beautiful neighborhood looks like this:

I know that there is only so much one can do, but I really hope the graffiti-ers can pretty this up.

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