Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello America

This may be a controversial position to take, but holy moly, jet lag is vile.

But do you know what isn't vile? All of the choices one has when shopping in America. I went to Target to buy allergy medicine and shampoo and two hours later I stumbled out, cross-eyed from staring at the three aisles of shampoo. Three Aisles. It Was Amazing. How many choices do I have in Rome? Two. Two shampoo choices. And one is out of stock.

And so in the spirit of a world in which there are three aisles of shampoo choices, I present Hello America. It's like Goodnight Moon, but without the mouse on each page. Or the bowl of mush.

in the great big land
there was a dishwasher
and an ice maker
and HGTV
and microwave ovens

there were country back roads
and  high efficiency washing machines-- so large
that all clothes could be done in one load.

and there was flavored coffee
and central air
and products galore
for all types of hair

there were windows with screens
and frozen cuisine

hello clothes dryer
hello all you home goods i can't help but admire

hello garbage disposal and organic yogurt

hello bagels and hello mexican food
hello IPAs that have been freshly brewed

hello starry sky and
hello firefly

and hello to all things unnecessary
that i am going to buy

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