Sunday, March 02, 2014

1100 miles (1770 km for the not-Americans) in 7 days

If you were in Italy and traveled 1100 miles over 7 days, it might look something like this:
bold parking choices

uh…street art? 

Il Duomo di Firenze

michelangelo's "graffiti",  Palazzo Vecchio
herd of king charles cavalier spaniels

welcome to venice!

Carnavale is coming

piazza san marco


 venetian  antipasta: squilla mantis, folpetti, e uova di seppie

squilla mantis shrimp

 Prada's take on Teva sandals and/or toddler sneakers. 

most ingenious footwear design since the velco strap. can't wait to see prada's take on it.

do gondoliers ever hit their heads?

winter in rome

original copper doors in the forum

sakura !

the forum

piazza navona

almafi coast



bay of naples. and no, i will not be going to see Pompei:The Movie! Although that title screams for a run as a Broadway Musical, doesn't it?

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