Friday, February 07, 2014

foto friday

The Bear Portion:

while this is undoubtedly a social commentary on the political and economic status of Italy, I think it also says: Raawwrr! I'm a bear!

double rainbow will forever be synonymous with the YouTube video of Paul "Bear" Vasquez.  Raawwrr! I'm a bear! Double rainbow all the way!

dogs that step in dog poop. it is not bear poop. it is not in the woods. the pope does wear a funny hat. Raawwwrr! I'm a bear!

The Thieving Portion:
our car with the addition (subtraction?) of a smashed back window. good morning rome/a!

another victim of smashed window syndrome. 


I am not a professional thief and I do not play one on TV. However, if I was going to break into cars, I'm pretty sure the car with the plugged in iPod would be more appealing than the cars with no worldly goods in sight. lazy.

while I certainly do not condone thieving or vandalism, I think what we are seeing here is simply a case of environmental concern.  If you have just eaten a hunk of chocolate and you can't find a trashcan, sometimes you just have to smash a car window so that you have a receptacle in which to toss your candy wrapper. Because no one likes a litter bug.

And The Rest:
Hey, I ain't mad atchya. Sometimes beer just tastes better from a glass.

oh, your orthodontist office doesn't have a bidet? Sad.
P.S. Bring your own soap--that bar is a little bit dirty.
the price may seem outrageous ($9.52), but to be fair, it IS extra crunchy. 
Some nights when we have a babysitter for the first time in 10 months and we find a pub with real (aka not Italian) beer on tap and the music blaring is Megadeath and Metallica and Elvis and Johnny Cash and when they aren't yelling at the soccer game, the Italian patrons are playing air guitar, on those nights, all I can think is where the hell can I find some chicken donuts with bacon?

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