Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Trips from Rome : Civitta di Bagnoregio

We all love Rome.  There will never come a time when you are lint-rolling the dog hair off of every imaginable surface and bemoaning the lack of activities in the city.  Okay,you may have two small dogs that seem to shed to the point they should be bald, so you might spend an obscene amount of time trying to stop its accumulation. But as for activities, there is always something to do in Rome. 
  However, if you have seen the Coliseum 241 days in a row and you question your desire to make it 242 times, you may want to look outside the center of the city for entertainment. For instance, if you want an experience to which most tourists aren’t privy, head to IKEA on a weekend. You will there witness entire families—grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, the neighbor’s kid and some people they don’t know but who were standing nearby—-  spilling over into every nook and cranny and heatedly debating the merits of the Helg verses the Flytta.

Or you may want to consider somewhere a little less Swedish-meatball-y. And that’s where the day trip comes in. Because not only does Italy have old stuff in Rome, it has old stuff everywhere. If you head out from Rome a mere two hours in any direction, there will be somewhere wondrous to explore.  These photos are of Civitta di Bagnoregio, located 90 minutes from the Coliseum. It’s pretty darn spectacular.









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