Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It is almost Christmas and my window box is filled with flowers that are a-bloomin.

I know that I'm behind on Graffiti Grader. I have a lovely piece submitted by a friend with an excellent eye for wall art, plus I should really do a Graffiti Grader Greece Edition. The graffiti in Greece was really well-done. None of the sloppy tags and unclear meaning we are so often confronted with in Rome. But everything is going to be on hold while we get ready for our journey back to America for Christmas. Additionally, I have some news: my deep thoughts regarding Roman life will soon be part of a website devoted to ex-pat living across the world. I will be certain to included the link when I switch from this blog to the site of my new digs.

And in the meantime:

it looks like a whole new world of parking just opened up! 

who doesn't love a "try before you buy" option?

this is my new favorite look(not that I have figured out how to get socks over jeans): skinny jeans/boots/knee socks. and this is why i feel frumpy  at John's school events. because that's what a mom looks like here.

fancy a quick smoke while waiting at the dentist office?

Have I mentioned the hot chocolate situation here? It involves taking a block of chocolate melted into liquid form and put into a mug. And then you add sugar. So it is pretty much the greatest thing since mozzarella di bufala.

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