Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shady Side of the Street

So, after the whirlwind of the shipping company and auction house, we are down to a few choice objects, all of which now belong to family and friends who are kind enough to allow us make use of them for a few more days.

In anticipation of moving into an apartment, we have downsized into two rooms: our living room (TV on the floor, overturned bookshelf as a coffee table, couch bought by a friend's cousin for her first apartment that she can't move into until later in August, and a variety of dog toys); and our bedroom (two mattresses without bed frames, two dog beds, and a variety of dog toys).

In other words, we look like we live in a place inhabited by James Franco playing a stoner in a Judd Apatow production, or Jesse Pinkman without the graffiti and giant stereo system and blue crystal meth.

All we need to really need to complete the picture are some ferrets and empty pizza boxes. And cans of Natty Light with cigarette butts in them.

I couldn't get the television to work last night. This is not a problem for me last night, per se, as I have a big fat book I'm hooked on, but it would definitely be a problem for me in the morning if I didn't want to be awoken at 5 a.m. by a certain smallish person who couldn't watch Adventure Time. Or Band of Brothers. Or whatever it is he watches before I get-up. I know, I'm an excellent mother. I think the television was on strike from being placed on the floor. Um, I'm a decent TV. I get premium channels. I have OnDemand so that you can watch Metalocolypse. I deserve better than the floor. What is this: college? But you know what? I FIXED it. I removed all those cables that have red, yellow, and white icing-piping type attachments on them (Mike, you might want to stop reading now) and started sticking them into different parts of the tv and cable box in various combinations. And then I took one of the big cables lying on the floor not attached to anything and tried attaching it to the back of the tv and plugging it into the wall. And I turned the surge protector on and off a bunch of times. And plugged some other stuff in and took some other stuff out, and I don't really know what happened, but it started working. And the house didn't burn down from an electrical fire. So I'm pretty sure that I am now qualified to work for Comcast.

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